Which Are the Best US Stock Buy Apps?

US stocks have a powerful hold on the world economy. Listed on the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange, and Dow Jones, US stocks comprise nearly half of the world’s financial market. That’s why many investors look to the US stock market to invest their money. But which are the best US stock apps? Let’s look at each in turn. There are many different types of apps for US stock buying and investing.

Fidelity has one of the most popular investing apps in the U.S. It’s free for US stocks and ETFs and has features to help investors save on taxes. The app also gives users the freedom to choose the portfolio they want to invest in and create their own investment strategy. Users can use Ally Invest to choose a specific portfolio to invest in. Both apps are free and work on iOS and Android.

TD Ameritrade has an app that’s similar to the desktop platform. It allows users to make trades with no commission, including those made by TD Ameritrade. Though it’s free, it offers paid options for users who want professional advice. In addition to free mobile apps, TD Ameritrade has an app that allows you to make ETF trades online and track your performance.

Merrill Edge offers a free mobile investing app that integrates well with the mobile banking app. However, it lacks a leading trading platform and the ability to invest in cryptocurrencies. Overall, though, thinkorswim is the best US stock buy app for beginners. The company also offers excellent customer service and a diverse range of investment vehicles and account types. The only downsides of thinkorswim are its lack of a leading trading platform and its limited number of investment options.