What Preventive Health Test Should Be Done Annually?

You probably already know that you should have a physical every year. But what preventive health tests are recommended? The annual physical exam is a great way to catch health problems in their early stages, before they become life threatening. It is also an excellent opportunity to update your doctor about any changes in your health. To get the most out of your annual physical, schedule it near your birthday. Here are some tests you should have every year.

Annual physical exams can include several tests, such as blood pressure and urinalysis. They also often include a basic blood panel and bone density screening. A mammogram may also be recommended for women. Some people opt for a more thorough annual physical if they’re planning to participate in sports or travel. There are also differences between male and female physical exams. In general, an annual physical is recommended for everyone.

Some preventive health care services can screen for diseases and conditions without symptoms. These preventive health services can ask about common problems like falls and depression and can prescribe medications that reduce the chances of developing a serious illness. In addition to a yearly physical, preventive health exams can detect signs of illness and provide treatment for symptoms. A yearly visit to your primary care provider is a good idea for your overall health.

During your annual physical, your doctor will perform a variety of tests to determine the risks and potential risks. For instance, a yearly cholesterol screening will help identify any underlying conditions or complications. Your doctor will also perform a comprehensive health exam, which includes a complete blood test and physical examination. You can also get a flu shot every year. A good primary care physician will have your health history and discuss the consequences of lifestyle choices with you.