Top 5 reasons when you definitely need a New York employment lawyer

As an employee, you expect your workplace to be a safe and productive space to do your work. While having troubles at work is nothing new, you need to take steps when your rights are violated. There are several reasons to contact a New York employment lawyer, and in this post, we share five reasons why you should hire legal counsel.  

  1. You have to sign a severance package: If you were fired from the job, the chances are high that your employer has given you a separation package. You may not know whether you should sign the documents. An employment lawyer will help evaluate the deal. There are several options available. Your lawyer can go for direct negotiations, consider mediation, or opt for litigation.
  2. You have suffered sexual harassment. Companies are required to have a policy for sexual harassment. Whether it is a case of quid pro quo harassment or a hostile work environment, you deserve to get justice. If you reported the matter but received no support or justice from the company, contact a lawyer to understand the next steps.
  3. You have suffered racial discrimination. Your employer cannot treat you differently for your race, religion, or sexual orientation. If you have endured workplace discrimination in any form, consult an attorney specializing in employment law without delay. Your lawyer will help your case and take action against the wrongful act.
  4. You have a wage dispute. If you were not paid the minimum wage or were not given overtime pay, it is a case of a wage dispute. The standard work week is marked at 40 hours, and if you were asked to work beyond that, you deserve the proper wages. There could be a misclassification case too, which are common reasons to hire an attorney. starwikibio
  5. You were wrongfully terminated. While your employer can fire you without reason, the decision shouldn’t be a violation of your rights. If you were wrongfully terminated or believe that you have suffered the consequences of whistleblowing activities, call a lawyer immediately. Retaliation against employees can be related to many circumstances, and you need a lawyer to evaluate the situation.

Employment lawyers in NY can work on a contingency fee for some cases, while it is also common to ask for an hourly rate. Let an attorney help you with your concern, and it is always a wise decision in the long run. allworldday