Should You Buy a Non Birkin Herms Or a Louis Vuitton Handbag?

A classic example of a non Birkin Herms bag is the Kelly handbag. These bags were favored by royalty and rich people alike. In fact, a study showed that a Herms bag was a better investment than gold. Its high quality and classic design have made it a popular choice for a variety of people. If you are considering buying a non Birkin Herms handbag, read on to find out how to avoid making this mistake.

The original Hermes bag was the Haut a Courroies. It was originally used to carry equestrian equipment and riding boots. Nowadays, it has been repurposed as a luxurious travel bag. It is also popular with men. It is versatile and comes in different sizes. It is a classic option for day and evening wear. It is available in various colors and skins.

The differences between Hermes and Louis Vuitton aren’t limited to quality, and style. Both brands offer luxurious items at varying prices. However, Hermes limits distribution of their core product lines and maintains a waiting list. As a result, most consumers will want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag. It is difficult to determine which brand is better.

In addition, Hermes has always sought to limit the distribution of their products in stores, so it is unlikely that you’ll find an authentic, affordable Herms handbag at a discount price. In fact, Hermes has a limited edition strategy and always strives to make its products exclusive to its loyal customers. It also uses social media platforms to reach a wide range of customers, and its products never appear on a discount sale.