Moving for College? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are planning to move away from home to attend college, you will need to be ready for this big life change. Regardless of how old you are or what stage of life you’re at, moving somewhere new to become a student is daunting. There are so many important considerations to remember so that your whole move goes smoothly. Here are some pointers on how you can prepare for your move to college along with some tips for settling in.

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Make Sure You’ve Chosen the Right College

Not all colleges can provide the same kind of curriculum or subjects, which means that students must pick a college that offers their desired program and meets all their needs. You might have preferred to live in one city but found the perfect college in a completely unexpected location. Just make sure that you achieve the grades you need for the colleges you apply for. Visit for advice on how to improve your college applications and increase your chances of acceptance. Especially for students moving to a new place, it is essential that you have made a good decision about your college. You can avoid the stress of moving only to discover that you’d rather be a student elsewhere.

Visit Your Accommodation

If at all possible, take the opportunity to visit your college accommodation. This will help you to get a feel for the space and reduce the sensation of unfamiliarity when the time comes to move in. Whether you are moving into college dorms or sharing with roommates in a rental, it makes the transition easier to see the place in advance. Of course, it isn’t always feasible to visit beforehand, so look for photographs or videos that will help you envision yourself living there.

Pack Lighter Than You Think

If you are moving out of your family home temporarily, it is best to leave most of your belongings behind. While you might miss a few possessions, you’ll be grateful that a drunk roommate or unknown dorm visitor doesn’t have access to your sentimental items. Bring the necessities such as bedding and toiletries, as well as a few photographs, but don’t transport your entire wardrobe just so you can avoid repeating outfits on campus.

Get to Know the Surrounding Area

Take a walk around not only the campus but the streets nearby. Find out where you can get your groceries and what transport amenities there arein the area. You might also find it useful to rehearse your route to and from campus if you live just outside of it. Turning up late to your first class can be embarrassing, so take the time to at least plan your route if not actually rehearse it. If you drive, make sure you can find adequate parking for your new schedule.

It’s normal to be nervous about starting college, especially if it means moving to a new place. However, you will be surprised by how quickly you can settle into a new environment and start to thrive.