Instantly Become a YouTube Pro User with these Pointers

YouTube is currently the world’s most successful video-sharing and streaming service. It is miles ahead of every competitor, including the likes of Twitch, Vimeo, and Hulu. There are numerous factors that contribute to the massive platform’s success. For starters, it has over 2.6 billion users, which is a humongous figure by all standards. Besides this, the platform hosts tons of videos created by individual creators as well as media companies. According to Earth Web, YouTube currently hosts over 800 million videos distributed among 37 million channels. Besides being an epitome when it comes to hosting videos, YouTube is also the biggest music streaming service in the world, surpassing prominent competitors like Spotify and Amazon Music. Even though the YouTube platform is easy to navigate through and use, there are many experience-enhancing features and functionalities most users are still unaware of. This article will list some efficient tips in the form of pointers, following which any individual can become a pro YouTube user. Let us get started:

  • Get Hold of any Video’s Transcript

A video transcript refers to a text-only document or file composed of all the words spoken in a specific video. In simpler terms, a transcript is a text version of a video. There are numerous times when users require a video’s transcripts. For instance, they may need to save a specific line or quote in the video. Besides this, video transcripts also come in handy when users need to find a specific portion of the video without going through the entire thing. YouTube offers multiple ways following which users can get hold of a video’s transcripts with ease. A widely-used method of acquiring a video’s transcript is using the platform’s native “Transcript” functionality. All a user needs to do to acquire a video’s transcript is open the video file, click on the “More” tab present under the video’s title, and click on the “Transcript” option. If a user is unable to acquire a video’s transcript by following the aforementioned method, it may be because the uploader has chosen to hide the option. 

  • Unblock YouTube

There are instances when users traveling to a foreign country are unable to access YouTube after reaching there. The reason is that the powerful video-based platform is banned in numerous locations around the globe. Besides this, there are instances when users are unable to access YouTube when they are inside a university or office space. Thankfully, there are multiple ways following which users can trespass the restriction and access the platform without hassle. For instance, users can move past locational restrictions by using a reliable VPN app. Besides this, another effective way to unblock YouTube is by using a proxy. Moreover, users can use a third-party tool to download YouTube videos before traveling to a location or place where YouTube access is unavailable. To know more about effective ways following which you can unblock YouTube and watch any video featured on the platform without hassle, visit

  • Download Audio from YouTube

Although YouTube houses hundreds of millions of videos under its roof, there are times when users need only the audio of the video file. Even though YouTube does not offer a native feature using which users can get the job done, there are multiple ways to get the job done. For example, users can opt to download a third-party YouTube downloader application on their respective devices and use it to download the audio of a video in the desired quality. Besides this, users can opt to use extensions like ByClick downloader to get the job done with ease and finesse. 

  • Create a Custom URL for Your Channel

YouTube offers the creators on their platform to create a custom URL for their channel. However, users with at least 100 subscribers, a legitimate profile picture, and a channel that is at least one month old can access the option to create their desired URL. All they need to do is open their YouTube account’s Settings section, click the link provided to claim their custom URL, and agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box. Once this is done, they can complete the process by clicking on the “Change URL” option to get the job done. 

  • Remove Advertisements and Pop-Ups From YouTube

Advertisements and pop-ups significantly ruin a user’s content-consumption experience on YouTube. However, there is an easy way to remove all ads and pop-ups. All users need to do is get a YouTube Premium Membership. Even though it is a paid method, the membership offers numerous exciting features to users, which makes it worth the charged cost, such as a dedicated download option, ad-free video-watching capabilities, access to YouTube Music, etc. 

YouTube is an outstanding video-based platform that houses different forms and types of videos. If you use YouTube daily, implement and follow the aforementioned tips to become a pro user.