A Buying Guide for Underwear for Women

The underwear you wear is an important part of your outfit and should help keep you comfortable throughout the day. There are many different types of womens underwear available for purchase, so you must choose the right type for your needs. This buying guide will help you select the best kind of underwear for yourself and explain some of the different styles available on the market today.


The first thing to consider when buying underwear for women is the material. The material affects several aspects of your underwear, including how it feels against your skin, its ability to stay in place and absorb moisture, and how well it wicks away moisture from your body.

The most popular materials are cotton and nylon/spandex blends. Cotton tends to be slightly less breathable than other materials but also absorbs moisture better than most others (which makes it great for hot weather). Nylon/spandex blends are more likely to stay in place because they have a bit more stretch than cotton; however, they aren’t as absorbent or wicking as cotton.


You should also consider the amount of coverage you are hoping to get from your underwear. If you are wearing a short skirt or dress, it might be wise to go for something more revealing, like a bikini or thongs. However, if you are wearing trousers or jeans, perhaps something longer, such as boy shorts, would be better suited for this occasion.

Underwear Types for Outfits


These have an open bottom and provide support for a fuller figure; this makes them ideal for dresses that show off the legs. It’s ideal for women who want minimal coverage or like to wear trousers. The back of the thong has less material than briefs and boyshorts, so it doesn’t ride up as much when worn with pants, which makes it less visible from the front.


The G-string is similar to the thong in that it provides minimal coverage. The G-string is a triangular piece of material that covers the genitals and buttocks. It is held up by a thin strip of fabric that goes between the buttocks but does not cover any part of them.

The G-string for women can be worn with swimsuits or as underwear for when you want to show off your backside without being completely naked.


The bikini is a type of women’s underwear that covers the waist but leaves the buttocks partly uncovered. The bottom consists of two triangular-shaped pieces of fabric sewn together at their base, with a thin strip of material between them. You can choose to wear either one or both pieces, depending on your preference and style. Because it offers more coverage than the G-string or thong, this piece is ideal for wearing in public settings where you might want to keep some dignity intact. It can also be worn beneath short shorts or skirts during warm weather months if you prefer not to bare your skin too much.

Bikini briefs

Also known as boyshorts, these offer full coverage on both front and back sides while still being sexy due to their low-cut style, which allows women who prefer skimpy skirts to feel comfortable wearing them without showing too much skin, but still looking great while walking around town!